Patent Final Application

A final patent application or a complete specification is the most important document to be submitted along with the patent application when you are applying for a patent.
The final patent application specifies each and every detail of your invention on the basis of which you will be granted the patent.
Your invention will be run through the test of newness, inventiveness and usefulness on the basis of this document. So , be careful while drafting this!
What is a Complete Specification of a Patent The Patents Act, 1970 lists out all the contents of the complete specification.
These are the following details to be described in the complete specification:

  • A title is to be given to the invention. Provide an abstract too where you mention the technical aspect precisely.
  • Fully describe the invention. Mention the methods of use.
  • Describe the best method for performing the invention that is known to you, which is also the method on which you are seeking the patent.
  • Define the scope of your invention for which you are claiming protection: This called the ‘claims’.

Submission of the final patent application will be a critical step in helping you obtain a patent on your invention. Without this document there cannot be a patent granted. The complete specification can be filed in two ways
1) Subsequent filing; or
2) Direct filing. In subsequent filing
the complete specification is filed subsequent to the filing of the corresponding provisional specification and further claiming priority from the corresponding provisional specification. Such subsequent filing of complete specification should be done within twelve (12) months from the “priority date” or the filing date of provisional specification.


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