Patent Protect Your Businees Method

What is a "Business Method?

A business method patent provides the patent holder, the exclusive rights over that method of doing business. This protects the firm from having its business methods copied by its market rivals. A Business Method Patent is basically a patent that describes a series of processes that together constitute a method of doing business. Patenting a business method has the same legal requirements as any other process.

Is Your Business Method Patentable?

The courts and the Patent Office have made it clear that a business method can be protected if it meets the standard requirements for patentability. The holder of a business method patent would be entitled to the same rights of a party that holds any other type of patent. That is, a business method can be patented if it is original, useful, and not obvious. Accordingly, it will be entitled to the full protection of patent laws.

Is Patent Protection Appropriate for Your Business Method?

There are several considerations involved in deciding whether patent protection is appropriate for a given business method: - First, it is important to determine whether a candidate for a business method patent is patentable. - Next, the business makes a decision as to whether the business method will result in enough revenue over the years to justify the expense of the patent application process. If so, a valid business method patent can be a highly valuable asset to a company.