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Copyright provides the creators of original works of authorship with a set of exclusive rights to copy, distribute, and perform their works for a limited period of time. Protected works include (but are not limited to) books, plays, music, movies, photographs, paintings, sculptures, digital files, and web pages these all are valuable creations worth protecting. Although copyright in a work exists automatically when an original work is created, a certificate of registration is evidence that your creation is protected by copyright and that you, the person registered, are the owner. It can be used in court as evidence of ownership.
Copyrightable Works
Below are some of the works that can be protected under Copyright Act:-

  • Literary works
  • Artistic works
  • Musical works, including any accompanying words
  • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  • Pantomimes and choreographic works
  • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  • Sound recordings
  • Architectural works

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. In fact, it is a bundle of rights including, inter alia, rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work. There could be slight variations in the composition of the rights depending on the work.
Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations, thereby protecting and rewarding creativity. Creativity being the keystone of progress, no civilized society can afford to ignore the basic requirement of encouraging the same. Economic and social development of a society is dependent on creativity. The protection provided by copyright to the efforts of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects and producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films and computer software, creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces them to create more and motivates others to create.
Objective of Copyright: The object of copyright law is to encourage authors, composers, artists and designers to create original works by rewarding them with the exclusive right for a limited period to exploit the work for monetary gain.

Does copyright apply to titles and names?

Copyright does not ordinarily protect titles by themselves or names, short word combinations, slogans, short phrases, methods, plots or factual information. Copyright does not protect ideas or concepts. To get the protection of copyright a work must be original.
INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION Full name, Father’s Name, Business Name, Address, Nationality and Nature of the Business of the Applicant
Full name, Father’s Name, Business Name, Address, Nationality and Nature of the Business of the Author of the work
Type of Ownership (Director, Proprietor or Partner)
Full name, Father’s Name, Address, Nationality of the Directors or Partners of the business (if any)
Nature of the Applicant’s interest in the Copyright of the work i.e. Ownership / Licencee etc
Class and Description of the work
Title of the work
Language of the work
A declaration signed by the author in favour of applicant (if different from the applicant)
Whether the work is published or unpublished
If the work is published, year and country of the first publication and name, address and nationality of the publisher
Year and countries of subsequent publications, if any, and names, addresses and nationalities of the publishers
Names, addresses and nationalities of other persons, if any, authorized to assign or licence of rights comprising the copyright.
The procedure for registration is as follows:

  • Application for registration is to be made on Form IV ( Including Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars) as prescribed in the first schedule to the Rules
  • Separate applications should be made for registration of each work
  • Each application should be accompanied by the requisite fee prescribed in the second schedule to the Rules and
  • The applications should be signed by the applicant or the advocate in whose favor a Vakalatnama or Power of Attorney has been executed. The Power of Attorney signed by the party and accepted by the advocate should also be enclosed. Each and every column of the Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars should be replied specifically.

Benefits of Copyright Registration
Registering your copyright protected work provides evidence that you are the owner of your work. Copyright Registration is generally required before you can pursue an infringement action against someone who used your work without authorization.
Copyright owner can take legal action against any person who infringes the copyrighted work. The copyright owner is entitled to remedies by way of injunctions, damages and accounts. Registration helps preempt the defense of “innocent infringement” for infringers who claim they didn’t know the work was copyright protected.


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