• About Trade Mark

    Trade Mark is the name, brand, logo, device, design, image etc. used by a business enterprise to distinguish its products or services from others and by which people recognize its products or services. A Trade Mark bestows upon the business enterprise the exclusive right to use the mark in relation to its products or services and provides for remedies in case of any infringement/violation of the same by the other traders...

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  • What a trademark does

    Registration of Trade Mark is optional, however to avoid the misuse of the brand name, the trade mark must be registered with the Trade Mark Registry.

    Registering your brand’s domain name (.com,.biz,.info) does not mean that you have acquired or own any trademark rights. Trademark rights arise from actual use, therefore, the mere registration of a domain name, does not secure trademark rights. Additionally, it is important to register your mark with the Trademark Registry

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Registration of Trade Mark

Trademark registration is the most important piece of a company's intellectual property protection program, which remains an unexplained process for most people. The average businessperson understands that trademark rights are very essential for any trademark owner. Without trademark registration, a company relies completely upon common law rights in the geographic area in which it uses the trademark. Most significantly, without registration, a latecomer may register a mark identical to the company's mark. This registration by another user may block the expansion of the company's use of its trademark in other areas to register its trademark. In India, Company registration is very essential for any company to utilize the benefits of trademark registrations in India. Trademark registration gives you a supposition that you are the rightful owner of the mark.

Our trademark covers all goods and services
Trademark registration and protection is divided into classes of goods and services. Owning a trademark registration in one class of goods or services does not necessarily mean you can enforce it against someone using it in another class of goods or services. Another’s use of the mark may infringe if it would be likely to cause confusion.

When applying for a trademark to protect your company’s brand an important consideration is the depiction of your mark on the trademark application. The two possible mark formats are the standard character format which includes the word(s) alone or the stylized or design format.

WHO CAN USE A TRADE MARK : The right to use a mark can be exercised either by the registered proprietor or a registered user or anybody else who has been duly authorized by the registered proprietor or a registered user

Our company specializes in offering Trademark Support Services that meets the variegated requirements of our customers.

About The TMRSERV !

Secure your business with TMRSERV established to provide exclusive services in the field of Company registration and Intellectual Property Rights Trademark    Copyright registration and allied services with the help of specialized and experienced professionals from varied backgrounds such as Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Business Professionals who are dedicated to provide best recommendation and execution for leading middle market and emerging growth companies to promote their business.

In today's fierce competitive marketplace Intellectual Property Law ensures that your business, artistically rights are registered with and granted by government agencies to protect investment in names, symbols and other representations used to identify your products and services.


Trademark Fees:
Rs. 1250 + Rs. 4500 Govt. Fees = Rs. 5,750
Public Notice-Govt. Fee Revision

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Our friendly associate lawyers and customer development team will update you about the process. Not only trademark registration, we can also help you with your trademark renewal application, getting your trademark licensed, selling your trademark or filing an objection in case your trademark has been infringed.
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Our Services

  • Trademark Search

    If you want to file an application for a trademark, you conduct a trademark search. Trademark search and trademark filing services assist you in protecting your business name.

  • Trademark Application

    A trademark application is a way to protect the trademarks of an institution. An institution may lose a trademark if it stops using it, if the proper renewal forms are not filed, if proper quality control is not exercised over licenses..

  • Trademark logo

    Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys provide you several solutions to Trademark a logo in efficient and effective manner. We help you in providing all types of trademark services, which gives you complete satisfaction.

  • Patent Software

    A software patent is generally defined as a patent that protects some programming technique. In Other Term software defines a computer-implemented invention" as an expression intended to cover claims, which involve computers, computer networks or other conventional programmable ...

  • Domain Name

    With hundreds of nWith hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, we provide an address that fits your business. Put .COM to work for you.

  • Partnership

    Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all...

  • Copyright Software

    Copyright was usually associated with artistic products, but today in addition to all this copyright is now an important tool in protecting computer software.

  • Limited Liability Partnership

    A Limited Liability Partnership is a hybrid between a company and a partnership that, as the name suggests, provides the benefits of limited liability and allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal structure as a partnership based on a mutually arrived agreement.